Battle of Kulikovo

Posted on 8 Oct 2016 in News

Dear brothers and sisters!

Today we are celebrating memory of a most russian famous saints – Sergius of Radonezh. Venerable Sergius was born when Russia was under Mongol rule. There was time of deep decline in politic, economic, social and spiritual life. Father Sergius bring to this darkness and chaos a pure light of sincere christian love. And God blessed the venerable. Father Sergius became a spiritual leader, who brought back to depressed people a faith in good. And it was very simbolic, that father Sergius blessed prince Dmitry Donskoy to fight with mogols in 1380. In this fight, which was named Battle of Kulikovo, russian people get the better of armies of Mongol. Here You can find animation “Swans of Nepriadva”, which was picted in 1980 – 600 years after the event:

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Easter night divine service with cross procession

Posted on 28 Jul 2014 in News

Dear brothers and sisters,

Christ Is Risen!


Easter night divine service, consisting of the Paschal Matins and the Paschal Liturgy, is one of the most bright and wonderful services of the Orthodox Church. It all riddled with one hand the great delightful of Christ’s Resurrection, the victory of Life over death, and on the other, a deep, full of love, empathy for the suffering incurred by the Lord (and continue to have) for our salvation. Amazing songs, mysterious procession, changes in the color of vestments, the gospel read in several languages; it is not only the clergy and the choir, but all parishioners are endlessly glorify God! This service leaves in the soul prints of the eternal joy that comes from the Source of Life…

For those who could not participate in this worship, a video prepared:

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Molieben for the beginning of academic year

Posted on 3 Sep 2013 in News

Molieben for the beginning of academic year

On the first day of school in the temple a moleben was served. After the service priest Alexander made some words for pupils, students and their teachers and blessed them with Holy water. After all was a merry bells performed by pupils


More info see in video:

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The Cross-Standing at the Brigade’s parking place of the Saint Prince Alexander Nevsky

Posted on 14 Mar 2013 in News

On September 9, 2012 rector and students of St. Petersburg Theological Academy as well as the laity attended the service of supplication, held at the Brigade’s parking place of Prince Alexander situated near the Nikolskoye town before the Battle of the Neva in 1240 year. People lined up in the form of a large cross and served the moleben in honor of the Holy Cross and the Saint Prince Alexander Nevsky.

Photo Report:


Video of St. Petersburg Theological Academy:

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