Battle of Kulikovo

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Dear brothers and sisters!

Today we are celebrating memory of a most russian famous saints – Sergius of Radonezh. Venerable Sergius was born when Russia was under Mongol rule. There was time of deep decline in politic, economic, social and spiritual life. Father Sergius bring to this darkness and chaos a pure light of sincere christian love. And God blessed the venerable. Father Sergius became a spiritual leader, who brought back to depressed people a faith in good. And it was very simbolic, that father Sergius blessed prince Dmitry Donskoy to fight with mogols in 1380. In this fight, which was named Battle of Kulikovo, russian people get the better of armies of Mongol. Here You can find animation “Swans of Nepriadva”, which was picted in 1980 – 600 years after the event:

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